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Furnichil is an innovative production line, whose main purpose is the production of furniture boards, decorative panels and openwork panels of the highest quality as well as rendering services of veneering and cutting boards as well as selling furniture accessories and boards as a branch of “Boards Zone”. This line was created by “Meble-Chilik” company which has 30 years of experience in the production of custom-made furniture. Currently, the main aim of the company is the production of furniture elements for carpenters and furniture factories based on PVC film both matte and high gloss. This production is focused on creating the highest quality components while maintaining high productivity. To combine these two characteristics, it was necessary to purchase one of the best machinery in this part of Poland and starting cooperation with the best suppliers of film, adhesives, tools and MDF, and the appropriate organization of the production process and workplaces.


The production process of boards consists of several stages, each of which requires special attention in order to get the best product. The first step is milling that takes place in a machining center, high quality milling requires many conditions to be fulfilled i.e. the selection of high-density boards suitable for deep milling as well as the right tools. In Furnichil we have a Masterwood machining center that is using nesting technology that enables milling a single part of approx. 9. The highest
quality milling is ensured by a rigid structure characterized by a lack of vibration as well as the use of the best drives, components, control system and fiber optics that provide flow machining at high feed speeds and simultaneous interpolation of all axes during processing. The next step is milled workpieces cleaning, which is designed to remove dust and minor defects from the surface of the element, it is necessary before we move on to the next stage which is the application of adhesive. The application of adhesives takes place in a specially ventilated and filtered room to provide the best environment for the application of the adhesive which has to be sprayed and no pollution like dust should be present. Proper application of the adhesive affects the strength of bonding of film with the board and as a result the quality of the finished surface. After the adhesive dries, we move on to the next stage – pressing, it is the most important step which affects the quality and durability of boards and it takes place on the machine Italpresse Lock-Form. This machine is constructed with the best components and its solid and heavy ring design allows for the high compaction pressures, allows a perfect alignment of the film in a deeply milled components, in case of the HG film it improves high gloss effect, and greatly increases the strength of the adhesive bond. The Lock-Form press is designed to work with the membrane and in a cycle without a membrane with a double airbag and a vacuum system and especially dedicated system to work with the high-gloss films. The press also has a very good temperature uniformity on a hot plate thanks to its special construction and combination of electric and oil heating system. The press is also equipped with a PIN Support table with an automatic loading system, which precludes the need of using pads under elements and that greatly speeds up the production process and eliminates the storage space around the press primer designed for the pressed parts. The press is equipped with a large control unit of a touch screen type, which allows you to store data of programs connected with specific films, to set parameters and the time at which the press should activate the relevant programs. In addition, the press were equipped in teleservice, which allows you to control the machine from anywhere with access to the network. The next step is cutting off the excess foil, cleaning and packaging. Furniture component production at Furnichil is supported by a special software and combined with an online ordering system which greatly speeds up delivery times. Services for carpenters are made on a panel saw NIMAC 3800 plus, which is equipped with postforming option for countertops, cut-ups, fissuring, grooving as well as cutting optimization program. Veneering takes place on veneering machine SCM Olimpic K400 equipped with corner rounding and additional units for delicate polished edges.The company is located in the village of Rogi in the Podkarpackie Regiona and more information you can find in the “Contact” tab.
Furnichil line was established with the support of EU funds.


Presentation of the company: